Photography by Lindsay Robertson
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Rannoch Moor is a desolation fashioned by Nature. A thousand feet above sea level and 60 square miles in extent, the moor is a vast tableland. Before the distant Grampian mountains is the silence and solitude, the deer, heather and bog myrtle, all contributing to this no-man's land.
If there was one image that so nearly didn’t happen it was this one. After a long day I was driving through Glencoe, tired and recounting the images I had taken on the trip. I turned a corner and was presented with this view. Immediately I saw the image. The image of the small cottage dominated by the ‘U’ shaped shadow following the lines of the similarly shaped valley between the two facing mountains. Racing against time I hurriedly set up the camera visualising the finished image as I scrambled away. Again the composition fell into place but this time no patience was needed as it was a race. As soon as I had captured the image the wind dispersed the clouds creating the shadow. Immediately I knew I had one of my most prized images.
Being presented immediately with an image creates an overwhelming emotion of panic and excitement. Experience then takes over and before you know it the panic turns to relief and the excitement converts into anticipation, elation and enthusiastic eagerness to print the image.
I still feel the excitement of capturing this image every time I view it and I marvel at the play of light and shadow that nature creates
This image featured as a 8’ x 4’ mural print in my joint exhibition with Ansel Adams.

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