Scottish Landscapes

Personal Tuition

Personal Tutorials provide a step by step guide, from the initial visualisation of the image through to the final print. Exploring the art of photography to seeing photography as art.

Including a comprehensive blend of :-

Visualization techniques, Location awareness, Visual Perception, Composition, Understanding Light, Camera Techniques, Traditional Darkroom skills and Digital Techniques ...

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Lindsay Robertson Tutorial Workshops, are an inspirational resource for photographers. One of the best ways to improve your photographic skills is to engage in one to one tuition. Whether you're a rank beginner or an advanced amateur who's looking to reach the next level, personal tuition is ideal for someone who is serious about their photography and wants to learn at their own pace, with no distractions.

The experience will also help photographers learn how to previsualize images with the intent of applying 'darkroom skills' to achieve the final print. Surprisingly, this often results in images being captured that otherwise might be passed up due to lack of local contrast or even elements that aren't well separated from surrounding detail.

I offer one-to-one private tuition for two or three days. Scheduled on-demand for a time of mutual convenience. You will have my undivided attention and will receive intensive photographic tuition that is geared to your specific needs.

The best way to improve your skills as a photographer is to explore your personal expectations by utilizing the one to one experience at first hand. The photography Tuition Tours have been specifically designed for the photographer who loves the natural world.  We work together in some of the most beautiful areas to learn how to find images in what we see, how to visualize the final print and how to successfully make stunning images. Tuition is open to all photographers wishing to use large or small format black and white or color, traditional or digital.

You will be assisted in obtaining the best exposures using RAW format for those photographers using digital, and zone system methods including previsualization, exposure and development to those photographers using traditional large format. Equally enjoyable though are the adventures into Scotland's most photogenic areas.

Tuition is available for those with a basic knowledge through to advanced level.

Tuition fees £ 375 per day : accommodation and meals are not included.

If you wish to book a Tuition Course please email Lindsay at

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