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Image is everything, and the Print is the canvas by which photographers exhibit their Art.

Photography is in a profound state of change in relation to digital imaging, the biggest change since its discovery. The consequence being that new processes and materials are constantly being developed, in addition to advances in digital manipulation. No longer is a 'photograph a photograph'...there are now a variety of printing processes available. I have gone full circle and have come back to time served traditional printing, however I also welcome and employ the new technologies in a way which enhances that traditional printing...every print is crafted by hand.

I am off the opinion that photography is ' light ' on paper, not ink on paper. I prefer the radience, look, feel and quality of a traditional Silver Rich Gelatin Photographic Print. This printing is a time served process where the archival permanance has been proven since its introduction in 1870 - unlike pigment or ink based printing.

Image is everything, which is why I rarely print to limited editions.

It is the image which is the worth not the number of prints available. The iconic image Moonrise at Hernandez by Ansel Adams is one of his most popular images. Throughout his lifetime he produced 1400 original prints of this image, confirming the fact that the image is the worth.

Photography is by its very nature a reproducible art. A photographic image is unique and each photographic print when hand crafted is also a unique original print. That is the beauty of Photography which needs to be understood. No other art has this ability. The aesthetic variation, in conjunction with hand processing and printing material variances makes each print a distinctly original creation.

All my Silver Gelatin Photographic Art Prints receive archival processing from start to finish, including treatment in Selenium Toner for maximum archival image stability. Each crafted print is signed on the print mount itself, not the print, as the print is dry mounted onto archival mount board (up to 36"x48"). Mural prints are signed on the 4" white print border.

A signed certificate of authenticty is also supplied with each print documenting the details of the printing. Please allow up to 28 days for delivery as each print is made to order. To order Silver Gelatin Prints or for further information contact

Image is everything, and the Fine Art Print is not only a Work of Art but also an Object of Art.

Silver Gelatin Photographic Prints - were introduced around 1870 and still set the optimum standard for quality, permanence, depth and clarity. The ability of the print to reveal rich deep blacks and crisp whites with a superior smooth tonal range is its beauty. They are true Black and White Prints.

The term Silver Print refers to the Silver content within the Gelatin emulsion which coats the surface of the fibre based paper. This emulsion utilises light sensitive Silver halides. The Prints tonal range and depth lies in its Silver Rich emulsion. The more Silver in the emulsion the greater the tonal range. Using a precious metal contributes to the additional cost of this paper.

Creating a Silver Gelatin Print is a long and meticulous process. Each print takes many hours to create, sometimes days. All the Prints receive an additional step in the final process Selenium Toning. This process increases the Archival Permanance of the hand finished print. Photographic Prints are proven to last over 150 years, without fading if kept properly, unlike inkjet pigment based printing.

A Silver Gelatin Print is created using time served technology and traditional hand printing techniques. They are the ultimate in quality. Hand crafted and unique - making them not only an object of desire but also an object of art.

To view examples of Lindsay's prints in situ within private collections please click here - Installation Images

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