Scottish Landscapes
Ansel and I

(the story of the exhibition)

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Lindsay was the first photographer to be invited to the The Hermitage artist's retreat in Engelwood Florida,
America's only by invitation artists retreat. During his residency he was visited by Dr Tony Bannon the Director
of the George Eastman House in Rochester New York - the worlds pre-eminent Museum of Photography.

Whilst chatting about his work with Dr Bannon, Lindsay mentioned that a few years earlier he had embarked on
a project to photograph the dramatic American landscape where Scottish born environmentalist John Muir's vision
flourished over 150 years ago. Lindsay wanted to celebrate the majesty, granduer and intimacy of nature that had
inspired John Muir, who was the founding father of the modern conservation movement, and responsible for
establishing the Sierra Club in California.

Dr Bannon then mentioned that the Master photographer Ansel Adams, himself an ardent conservasionist became
a director of the same Sierra Club some years later. Whilst perusing over some of Lindsay's photographs Dr Bannon
looked up and said "I feel there is a common theme here, a connection - you should exhibit with Ansel Adams. You
can have the Eastman House's Ansel Adams collection to take over to Scotland and exhibit your work alongside that
of Adams - to help spearhead the work you are doing". Lindsay was left utterly speechless by this profoundly personal
offer that had just been made to him, and he could barely muster his heartfelt 'thank you'. A joint exhibition with Ansel
Adams, his lifelong inspiration would be an unbelievable life changing opportunity, and also a terrfiying one he thought.

The next day, still in shock and not sure if what he had heard was real he emailed Dr. Bannon, to confirm if what he
had heard was correct... the reply did indeed confirm the offer to exhibit alongside Ansel Adams. In addition he also
confirmed that Lindsay could have access to the collection whenever he could organise the exhibition.

Upon Lindsay's return to Scotland he then started work on his exhibition to combine Muir and Adams pioneering work
by capturing "a moment in our time" through his eyes. To celebrate the Genius of John Muir and Ansel Adams, the
men and their landscape. Coast to coast Caledonia to California. Lindsay single-handedly worked on securing a suitable
venue, raising sponsorship and creating awareness of the upcoming exhibition and organising the PR for the show.
During this time he also had the daunting process of capturing, selecting and printing his own images which were to be
deemed worthy of being shown next to the master photographer himself. Eventually all his hard work paid off and the
exhibition opened to National acclaim three years after Dr Bannon's offer.

During that time Lindsay experimented with various printing techniques, trying to marry traditional and digital printing.
He worked closely with his sponsors Ilford and Metrolabs in perfecting the new process of fibre based digital printing.
Lindsay's final exhibition prints were a mixture of this digital process and traditional wet printing. However, always in his
mind was the pressure of knowing that his printed images were to be exhibited side by side with the Worlds master
photographer and printer - no greater inspiration and endeavour to produce ones best work is needed.

With securing Scotland, as only the second country outwith the USA to see the collection. This was the largest and
most significant exhibition of Ansel Adams images ever to be compiled and shown in the World. The Ansel Adams
collection entitled Celebration of Genius consisted of 150 images and was returned to archive after it's showing.
Lindsay exhibited 50 of his images including a selection of his 8' x 4' Mural Prints alongside that of Ansel adams.
The resulting joint exhibition achieved one of the highest gallery attendances ever in Scotland, and it's run was
extended by a further two weeks due to the demand of the discerning public.

Lindsay is honoured and privileged to be the only Photographer given the opportunity by the renowned Eastman
House to exhibit alongside their Ansel Adams collection, arguably the most revered landscape photographer in
the World. The joint exhibition showed at the City Art Centre Edinburgh, and consisted of Lindsay's Scottish and
American Landscapes images.

To view the display from this exhibition please click here

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